Lean Six Sigma

Design For Lean Six Sigma

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​Adrian Technologies provides continuous breakthrough improvement methods to private industry and government through consulting and training services. We improve our clients process, products and services by focusing on value from their customers' perspective in all areas of their enterprise.
                                                                                        Whether you are just beginning your journey in continuous process improvement (CPI) or supplementing a current program to ensure a mission, we bring deep process expertise in correctly identifying performance gaps and applying best-in-class process training, techniques and tools.
                                                                                            Our unique, high-performance deployment roadmap quickly generates results from the classroom to the office or field. Our approach ensures efficiencies in customizing program design and course materials for your organization’s unique needs.
                                                                                              With multi-disciplinary expertise in achieving continuous improvement for government and defense, we deliver complete solutions that make CPI an integral building block of your enterprise.